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What we do

Australia’s cutting-edge rollingstock

We are proud to operate one of Australia’s safest and most fuel-efficient freight locomotive fleets.

Our fleet

Our rollingstock fleet is one of the safest and most fuel-efficient fleets operating in Australia, transporting Queensland coal on the Carmichael Rail and existing networks to the North Queensland Export terminal.

Our fleet

Introducing the Gt46AC-Ace

Our next generation rail fleet includes 536 wagons and 14 new Progress Rail EMD® GT46C-ACe Gen III locomotives, the first of their kind in Australia and the most technologically advanced freight locomotives ever to operate here.

Our next generation rail fleet includes 536 wagons and 14 new Progress Rail EMD® GT46C-ACe Gen III locomotives

Designed and built especially for the Australian rail environment, the locomotives feature new safety technology to improve braking, making them safer and easier to operate for our train crew. They also include highly intelligent IT systems to allow experts in our operations centre to track the trains, assist train crews or even operate the trains as required from anywhere in Australia.

Built for power

Built in the Caterpillar Company’s Progress Rail business in the USA, the locomotives are the most powerful diesel locomotives in Queensland. Just two locomotives will be required as part of each train configuration, compared to the three train configuration traditionally used in the Bowen Basin.
Further, on a per train basis, they are more fuel efficient than other locomotives in Australia, using 10 per cent less fuel than the diesel trains currently operating in the Bowen Basin and across Australia, underlining our commitment to sustainability.

Each 1400m train consists of two locomotives and 86 wagons and is capable of hauling approximately 7300 tonnes of freight. One round trip from the Carmichael Mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal will take 23 hours including loading and unloading time.

Built for safety

The use of technology and next generation design means the locomotives will be a safer working environment for train crews and will remove some of the physical requirements of the job that have traditionally created barriers to entering the industry.

Despite these advances, the trains will still require humans to operate them, and Bowen Rail company is proud to be recruiting both new to industry candidates and experienced train crew to operate the brand new locomotives.

Putting safety first

Each of our locomotives has undergone rigorous testing and commissioning before being put into service to ensure they are ready to operate safely and efficiently. The testing and commissioning process is typical for all new trains on any rail network and takes a period of time as the new equipment and rail infrastructure are tested, both while hauling loads and with empty wagons.

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Class PHAH. Coal hopper tandem pair - KDD bottom dump.

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