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Environmental management at Bowen Rail Company

We protect our environment, and minimise impacts where we can.

Managing the impacts of our rail network

Our rail freight business operates to high safety, environmental and economic standards. As the first greenfield rail line to be constructed in about 20 years in Australia, the Carmichael Rail Network project meets stringent environmental regulations and was assessed under multiple environmental laws.

We support these high standards and do all we can to ensure they are upheld.

At Bowen Rail Company, we use technology to reduce our overall environmental impact. Our trains use less fuel than the standard diesel trains used in the Bowen Basin, meaning lower emissions.

Managing the impacts of our rail network

Minimising impacts on the land

We located and designed the rail line to minimise its environmental impact and disturbance. This included habitat mapping, impact assessment and mitigation.

Throughout the construction of the project, specific measures were taken to mitigate impacts to king bluegrass plants, brigalow ecology, the ornamental snake, the squatter pigeon and the black-throated finch. These measures included clearance setbacks, minimising the land footprint and sequencing the works to allow animals to relocate.

Land rehabilitation occurred, and continues to occur, as soon as practically possible after use.

Helping our local fauna

Along the rail line, we use fauna corridors and fencing to limit impacts on local animals. Likewise, we don’t use artificial lighting along the railway line as it would affect local fauna.

Our operations and maintenance teams stay within the rail footprint, also reducing any potential impact on the animals.

Helping our local fauna

Maintaining clean air

Bowen Rail Company trains use world-leading technological enhancements, fuel efficiency and productivity. This lessens emissions, and especially reduces fine particulate pollution.

We continue to monitor air quality, notably dust and exhaust emissions, and wind erosion.

The effect of the rail operations on air quality is considered negligible to minimal, with only trace quantities of non-particular air emissions.

Control measures to reduce coal dust impacts are in accordance with our Coal Dust Management Plan.

Monitoring for noise

The Carmichael Rail Network has been designed in a manner than ensures that there are not unacceptable noise impacts on local residents.

Train operation sounds are considered in accordance with standards, well below the acceptable noise criteria for both steady sound levels and single event maximum levels.

We work with drivers to maintain appropriate use of the horn and warning devices, and develop additional controls as required.

The Carmichael Rail Network has been designed in a manner than ensures that there are not unacceptable noise impacts on local residents.

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