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Bowen Netball scores big with Bowen Rail Company’s Community Partnership Program

10th July 2024

Bowen’s Cyclones netballers have swapped their bibs for aprons thanks to a Bowen Rail Company community grant to refurbish their canteen kitchen and keep their club on track.

Bowen Netball Association was one of four grant recipients in the latest round of Bowen Rail Company’s Community Partnership Program, which supports local not-for-profit organisations and community groups with the purchase of small assets that can make a big difference.

Bowen Netball Secretary Michelle Bosson said modern canteen facilities were vital to the club’s 250 local netballers and its army of volunteers – both in keeping them fed and watered and on the court.

“We don't make much money from registrations alone and it’s the income from the canteen that helps us fund things for our club,” Ms Bosson said.

“Unfortunately, our canteen kitchen needed some significant repairs and when we organised the quotes for the work, we found the job was beyond our budget. As luck would have it, we saw the Bowen Rail Company grant, applied, and were fortunate to be successful.

“We’re enormously grateful to have a company in town like BRC that supports their local community and we’re reminded of their generosity every time the players grab a snack or a drink between games.”

Bowen Rail Company Health, Safety and Community Manager Marty Trask said the Community Partnership Program was just one of the ways the business gave back to its community which had strongly supported the company since it set up shop in 2020.

“We’re proud to be based in Bowen and with an office in Rockhampton and we always seek to back our local communities and the things that are important to our 180 workers,” he said.

“Our Community Partnership Program is one of the ways we add to the vibrancy of Bowen, on top of the economic value of the jobs we support and the opportunities we create for businesses here.

“The grants are up to $2000 and are in place to fund equipment or items that make a difference to community or not-for-profit groups.

“For example, we’ve been able to help Bowen Netball refurbish their kitchen, which not only allows them to feed hungry players and spectators but helps to get their canteen up and running again.”  

Mr Trask urged local community groups to apply for the annual program, which is awarded six monthly, with applications for the November round now open.

“If your local group has a great community initiative, we encourage you to jump onto our website and put in an application,” he said.

“We’re now in our third year of operations moving Queensland coal from pit to port to meet growing international demand. That means we’ll be able to keep providing jobs, business opportunities, and social investment for north and central Queensland for decades to come.”

For more information about Bowen Rail Company’s Community Partnership Program, or to apply, head to

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